Podesta broers gearresteerd; Tony Podesta in Guantanamo Bay (+ video)

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By Capt. Dave Bertrand, Ret.

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Friends and Associates:

What happens in America or around the world when there is a huge distraction? Media focuses mainly on the event for hours on end, but what is really happening behind the scenes during a distraction? Most sophisticated crimes (or military action) happens when the perpetrators themselves create an event to distract police during a (example) bank robbery, or when the military moves assets from one location to another when all eyes and ears are upon them.

In the movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” the distraction to keep citizens away from the encounter on Devil’s Tower was to create a false flag chemical / biological event in the area, but in the movie…there was no chemical problem, just the appearance. This week, many reports about UFO’s and the possibility of an asteroid heading towards earth by News Week is nothing more than a distraction.

Wasn’t Las Vegas Mandalay a real false flag while a sophisticated military operation against Saudi operatives was happening and the result now is 11 Saudi Princes arrested?

We could go back to 9/11 and note the many distractions, the event itself that killed over 3,000…a distraction involving the reported $2.3 Trillion dollars missing from the Pentagon (reported by Donald Rumsfeld the day before 9/11), and the exact office in the Pentagon, where those records were kept, just happen to be hit! The very large amount of gold removed from the Towers, FBI / CIA files destroyed in building 7 which was not hit by a plane but collapsed in it’s own footprint, etc, etc…!!

Wonder if those involved with 9/11 are now being rounded-up and/or under a sealed indictment? The answer is yes….

How about all those involved with the Clinton Foundation or PodestaGroup, Uranium One, Russia, campaign financing schemes, election rigging, corrupt FBI/CIA, Obama’s ATF gun running to terrorists via the Mexican Cartel, pedophile rings around the world….and the icing on-the-cake, the attempted coup to assassinate President Trump?

Treason is a non-combatant war crime against the United States. YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A TERRORIST to end up at GITMO !!

Treason at one time was dealt with by a 5 minute military hearing followed by a firing squad. Would you be surprised if President Trump is actively using GITMO as we speak??

The chatter I am seeing are leaks from prominent individuals that are either allowed to, or at least getting to us critical information (just in case Trump is assassinated) and Q-Anon (possibly Thomas Drake) the former NSA Technical Director and former CIA Robert Steele revealing some very interesting shit that hopefully is true !

The best one so far….is that Tony Podesta was arrested and sent GITMO along with 2 others as reported by reliable sources today. This is all coming about as a result of the “National Emergency / Executive Order signed into law last week to begin the round-up around the world and the seizure of all property and bank accounts of those that have committed treason and other acts of evil doings we have been covering for months…which the corporate fakestream media are now backing down and going against Hillary Clinton and agreeing there was no “Russian Collusion” with the Trump campaign, while the “Obstruction of Justice” and rumors that “Trump will fire Mueller” continues.

President Trump doesn’t have to fire Mueller….the investigation is making a mockery of itself and destroying the Democratic Party.

The key players, Hillary Clinton et al have not been on Twitter, none of them wished their followers “Happy Holidays,” or anything in days. George Soros a.k.a. “Bishop” supposedly suffered a heart attack and has dropped off the radar. Over 50 CEO’s of major corporations have been dropping like flies from their positions over the last couple of months.

Were they given a warning as to what is happening now?

There is also a very interesting situation this week with an ANA flight from Los Angeles to Japan turned around in flight because of a suspicious person onboard. The individual travelling with his brother (with a ticket on ANA) had a United ticket, but some how was able to board the ANA flight. Why turn around when the suspect’s United ticket can be cashed-in by ANA later?

There’s more to the story and the distraction happens to be low key, nothing to see here…”just company policy.”

According to Q-Anon, the suspect happens to be connected to the Clinton Foundation and was under a sealed indictment. The captain was in contact with officials and was asked to return back to LAX.

Then of course…..we are all very confused as to why Hillary Clinton and John McCain are STILL wearing orthopedic boots for their minor injuries, possibly hiding a GPS ankle bracelet. Those two goons are major conspirators in the fake FBI Dossier and Ambassador Steven’s death in Benghazi. We are also seeing chatter about George H.W. Bush’s involvement in the JFK Assassination and the entire family’s connection to the CIA cocaine smuggling at Mena Arkansas with the Clintons.

Why did “Low energy” Jeb Bush grab all the files of one of the alleged 9/11 hijackers from a Sarasota flight school and personally take the box of files to Washington D.C. aboard a military C-130 a day or so after 9/11, plus his actions to help bin Laden’s family in Sarasota leave the country aboard a special chartered plane when all flights were grounded on 9/11 ?

It’s all happening fast with more exciting arrests (and suicides) coming soon by the Trump Administration’s actions to drop the hammer.

Other intel chatter states that Julian Assange was marked for death, but was moved by U.S. military assets to the Colombian Embassy in London and promised immunity by President Trump if Assange dis-bans and shuts down WikiLeaks, but will be allowed to release a huge email file dump involving the DNC /Clinton and the death of Seth Rich in coming days.

The result when media begins to report, the Left will be unhinged over “Due Process” issues and will ultimately enter the target zone. One reason it’s being kept low for “conspiracy theorists” to get away with leaking this stuff, is to keep ANTIFA and Obama’s OFA in-check. I am sure…InfoWars is being told to NOT touch this matter because it will validate the intel and Media Matters will have a hay-day with it and all hell would break loose across the nation.

However…..I believe the information is being leaked in-order to document what’s happening in the event President Trump is assassinated. It has already been leaked….”Clinton’s 4 hit team have been neutralized.”

The most important and incredible intel is in the last few minutes of the video….THEY’RE ALL GOING DOWN FAST and as long as it is not being reported on the Nightly News, no sub-human socialist / communist will attempt to storm the White House. Therefore…..you have now been enlightened about a historical event like no other in the history of the United States. Together, we can keep President Trump somewhat safe by documenting and saving the intel….or if anything, the events and people involved in the many different treasonous crimes will be dealt with and not covered-up like the JFK Assassination.

Watch the video and enlighten yourself and others to some dramatic events taking place in the name of goodness versus evil.

bron: http://beforeitsnews.com/crime-all-stars/2017/12/podesta-brothers-arrested-tony-podesta-is-in-gitmo-video-2462151.html

Bekijk hier de video: https://youtu.be/dUHls9N6dsQ


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